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Hero image for The Krypton Factor (1991) - Episode Seven

The Krypton Factor (1991) - Episode Seven

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1991

In this episode of The Krypton Factor four contestants from Auckland, Hawkes Bay, Dunedin and Wellington tackle 'television's toughest quiz' to decide who will return as a series finalist. The first round focusses on mental agility and word skills. In the second, contestants spot the changes in a mini 'TV detective drama', then the heat is on to correctly assemble a plastic pentagon puzzle. Host Dougal Stevenson's calm commentary reigns throughout. In the fourth round, contestants don track suits and make muddy work of the Burnham Military Camp assault course, before a final general knowledge round.

At its most basic level, The Krypton Factor was a nerd pentathlon in primetime, and this is what made it the king. There wasn’t even a prize! In what seems like blasphemy in this era of naked capitalism, contestants were prepared to be put through their paces, on national television, for little more than the sense of self-satisfaction and a statuette.
– TV quiz show fan Aaron Hawkins fondly remembers The Krypton Factor, The Spinoff, 30 July 2015

Key Cast & Crew

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Don Megget

Technical Producer

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Brian Stewart


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John Lye


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Jim Brackenbury

Post Production Editor

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Dougal Stevenson


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Nicola Marshall


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