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Hero image for Here is the News - The End of the NZ Broadcasting Corporation

Here is the News - The End of the NZ Broadcasting Corporation

Television (Excerpts) – 1992

In 1975 the single television channel system run by the NZ Broadcasting Corporation ceased to exist. In April, Television One officially launched; in July a new second channel, later known as South Pacific Television, followed suit. Television One began from a custom-made production facility in Lower Hutt. Writer Robert Boyd-Bell describes the phones "going crazy with complaints". In this excerpt from a 1991 documentary on 30 years of Kiwi TV journalism, the almost complete Avalon studio makes its debut and Television One newsreader Dougal Stevenson announces a new chapter in TV history.

There are those on the news team who do not think much of their chances of persuading subjects for interview to travel 12 miles or so from the city to Avalon, and back again, to go before the cameras.
– A quote from a 1974 Evening Post article

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