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The Lion Man - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2004

Lion Man Craig Busch, and his unlikely colleagues — African lions and white Bengal tigers — were a ratings and international sales success across three TV seasons. The Lion Man went behind the scenes at his Zion Wildlife Gardens animal park. In this first episode of the Great Southern TV show, Busch talks about his introduction to working with the big cats — and the scars that are part of the job. There's also a peek at the making of an award-winning Sky TV promo that featured his lions. Busch, and the park, were later to be the centre of regular controversy.

At the age of about four or five years old, I had about 35 odd cats. So it’s been right there in me from the word go and, as I‘ve got bigger, the cats have got bigger.
– ‘Lion Man’ Craig Busch

Key Cast & Crew

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Reuben Pillsbury

Camera, Writer, Producer, Director

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Paul Casserly


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Rachel Gardner

Associate Producer, Writer

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David Whitehead (camera)


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A.J. Johnson

Associate Producer

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Tom Walsh


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