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The Mackenzie Affair - Tancred (Final Episode)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1977

The Mackenzie Affair told the story of colonial folk hero James Mackenzie: accused of rustling 1000 sheep in the high country that would later bear his name. This fifth and final episode sees the manhunt for Mackenzie over, with ‘Jock’ facing a sentence of hard labour and provoking sympathy from equivocal sheriff Henry Tancred. Adapted from James McNeish’s book, the early co-production (with Scottish TV) imported Caledonian lead actor James Cosmo (Braveheart, Game of Thrones) and veteran UK TV director Joan Craft. It was made by Hunter’s Gold producer John McRae.

Mackenzie's exploits won him the admiration of those on the margins of society. Small would-be farmers wanting their own land or resenting the power of large wealthy landowners could identify with him, as could those who did not fit the mould of genteel Canterbury society.
– Cathy Marr, dictionary of New Zealand Biography entry on Mackenzie

Key Cast & Crew

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James Cosmo

As: James Mackenzie

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Joan Craft


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John McRae


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Alistair Bell


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Antony Groser

As: Governor Gore-Browne

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David Weatherley

As: Warder Carter

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