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Hero image for The Maintenance of Silence

The Maintenance of Silence

Short Film (Full Length) – 1985

I got a knock on the door from some plainclothes Auckland cops when the Arts Council grant for the film was announced in the NZ Herald. They asked me some basic questions, but when they realized I was not trying to incite a rebellion they left me alone.
– Director William Keddell, in an interview with Russell Campbell, The Journal of New Zealand Studies no 8, 2009
The film also incorporates ... excerpts from original radio broadcasts and newspaper stories (television is notably absent). In addition, the cards and letters from Neil to his friends shown on screen and quoted from are genuine.
– Russell Campbell, in The Journal of New Zealand Studies no 8, 2009
When the bombing occured, [director William] Keddell was angered by the media reaction to "what was clearly a politically motivated suicide": "The 'misguided youth' stuff just swept the real issues under the carpet. The Wanganui Computer was worth protesting about. It represented a profound and sad change in New Zealand. "
– Film scholar Russell Campbell, quoting director William Keddell in The Journal of New Zealand Studies no 8, 2009
We have maintained a silence closely resembling stupidity.
– Graffiti left by Neil Roberts near the Whanganui Computer Centre, quoting the Revolutionary Proclamation of the Junta Tuitiva (1809)