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Eyewitness - Punk

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1978

TVNZ journalist (and future Communicado founder) Neil Roberts does an ethnomusicologist turn in this edition of "established media tries to explain what the young people are doing". His subject is NZ's fledgling punk scene which is already on its way to extinction. Much of the focus is on Auckland but Doomed lead singer (and future TV presenter/producer) Johnny Abort (aka Dick Driver) flies the flag for the south. The Stimulators, Suburban Reptiles and Scavengers play live and punk fans pogo and talk about violence directed at them (from "beeries"). 


For most local punks, it’s more of a fashion than a decadent social trend. For most, the new wave is a hair wave. Mostly, it’s just raw rock’n’roll and the outrage caused is little different than the outrage caused by Mick Jagger when he was young.
– Neil Roberts

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