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The Night Workers

Television (Full Length) – 1989

Director Dave Gibson heads to Wellington's red light district on Vivian Street to interview strippers and prostitutes for this TV One documentary. Night workers ply their trade on the busy street, and inside late night venues like Tiffany's strip club. The nearby Evergreen cafe is also used as a drop-in centre by the city's gay community. Prostitute Kayla talks about AIDS reducing client numbers, while stripper Crystal Lee is nervous before her first dance. Police mention an improved relationship with prostitutes; Tiffany's owner Brian Le Gros claims men visit his club for fun not nudity.

You can't say, well 'here's Henrietta off the bus from Island Bay' ... you've got to give them a name.
– Strip club owner Brian Le Gros, on making up exotic names for strippers

Key Cast & Crew

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Paul Sutorius


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Dave Gibson

Producer, Interviewer, Director

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Mary Glue


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Simon Hughes

Sound Mix

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Rex Potier

Sound Editor

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Steve Douché

Sound Recordist

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