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The Pretender - Series Two, Episode One

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2008

Who hoists the flag on top of Mt Everest ... bloody Dennis Plant you know!
– Dennis Plant (Bob MacLaren)
There are real shades of The Office in here. If you happened on to it you would almost think it was real.
– Radio New Zealand review
The character is a real character you see in Otago. If you got a farmer, a property developer and a tourism operator, whacked them in a blender, then you'd have Dennis Plant.
– Bob MacLaren on Dennis Plant
Playing Dennis was everything but one dimensional, he was petulant, vain, stupidly overconfident and grating and annoyingly dorky. In fact writer Peter Cox created a character more dimensional in his flatness than most dramatic characters are in their emotionality ... What made it a huge challenge to act Dennis is I had to break all the rules of acting to make it believable, like forgetting the cameras, mumbling, tripping over my lines being wooden, ugly etc.
– Bob Maclaren on playing fictional MP Dennis Plant, Throng website, 5 September 2009