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The Shadow Trader (Part One)

Television (Full Length) – 1989

This is the first of a two-part "money and greed" morality tale set in a Rogernomics-era 'New Auckland' of property deals and horse racing. Working class lass Tammy (Annie Whittle) and art consultant Joanna (Miranda Harcourt, fresh from Gloss) are an unlikely duo who inherit a racehorse and a greasy spoon cafe (instant coffee rather than cappuccino). Brit import James Faulkner plays a shady developer whose scheme is blocked by the duo. Murder, underhand property plans, yuppie love and old gambling debts complicate life for Tammy and Joanna.

You going to talk the old boys into swapping their gumboot for something with froth on the top? These are real men Joanna.
– Tammy (Annie Whittle) to Joanna (Miranda Harcourt)


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Soundtrack composed by Dave McArtney