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The Shadow Trader (Part One)

Television (Full Length) – 1989

You going to talk the old boys into swapping their gumboot for something with froth on the top? These are real men Joanna.
– Tammy (Annie Whittle) to Joanna (Miranda Harcourt)
My job these days is popular appeal: giving the public what it wants: dreams, glitter, victory, illusion.
– Chris Simmonds (Peter Elliott)
Progress is a fundamental law of nature. It was not invented by Huntercorp.
– David Constance (James Faulkner)
While Whittle describes herself as having been a “jack of all trades” on the local entertainment circuit for more than 20 years, Harcourt is a relative newcomer whose more conventional career track has, she says, involved playing a lot of “spiky bitches”. Together they generate some genuine small-screen heat.
– Diana Wichtel, ‘Out of the Shadows’, Listener, 8 July 1989