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The South Tonight - Excerpts

Television (Excerpts) – 1984 - 1990

She's something seldom seen this far south at this time of year.
– Reporter Michael Lynch, on Nico playing during Orientation Week
There's been a lot of good music that's come out of Dunedin, and we've been part of that. Perhaps Dunedin won't realise for another 50 years or so, but one day I hope they'll appreciate it.
– Sneaky Feelings
...nobody drank spirits in the bar and absolutely nobody drank wine, unless they were, you know, a bit suspect.
– Jim Mora on changing drinking habits at the Danseys Pass Hotel pub
Apart from structural problems, this house has a leaky roof, and a mouldy bathroom which features a hole at the end of the bath that the cat comes through.
– Reporter Kim Hurring on student digs
From a songwriting point of view it’s the only place I can really get the space I need, to free up from the business side of things I suppose …
– Martin Phillips on Otago