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Hero image for The Tribe - Episode Two

The Tribe - Episode Two

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1999

Set in a future where teen gangs control the streets, The Tribe became a global hit at the turn of the millenium. In this second episode, the group have to decide whether they trust Lex enough to let him into the safety of the shopping mall. Lex appears out to prove that he is the resident alpha male, especially after the arrival of Bray (Dwayne Cameron), who has a surprise to spring. For the first season, a group of young people read each script in order to check that The Tribe provided what creator Raymond Thompson called "an accurate interpretation of children's ideas". 

...rather than do a pilot, they had taken the risk on the first 52 episodes. To do another 52 was a calculated risk and one that they simply had to take. There was no option ... Ray just had an instinct that it was vital to fuel the momentum of the first series with a second one being readily available, otherwise any protracted delay might undermine the audience awareness of the brand he wanted to build.
– Tribe creator Raymond Thompson on The Tribe, in his 2011 book Keeping the Dream Alive


Song 'The Dream Must Stay Alive' sung by Rosalind J. Composed by Simon May, Simon Lockyer and Ben Robbins


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