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Hero image for The Tribe - Episode Two

The Tribe - Episode Two

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1999

...rather than do a pilot, they had taken the risk on the first 52 episodes. To do another 52 was a calculated risk and one that they simply had to take. There was no option ... Ray just had an instinct that it was vital to fuel the momentum of the first series with a second one being readily available, otherwise any protracted delay might undermine the audience awareness of the brand he wanted to build.
– Tribe creator Raymond Thompson on The Tribe, in his 2011 book Keeping the Dream Alive
New Zealand is the most important market. It's essential for the cast and crew to see their work on stage ... this is a New Zealand production with New Zealand kids and crew.
– Tribe creator Raymond Thompson, quoted in The Evening Post, 23 August 1999 (TV Week pullout), page 3