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Hero image for Moon TV - MTV Christmas Special (series five, episode 10)

Moon TV - MTV Christmas Special (series five, episode 10)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2008

Rolling out their Christmas special in June, to show how far they're ahead of the game, the Moon TV team packed most of their regulars into this wrap-up special: dodgy driving on Speedo Cops, Naan Doctors (a soap set in an Indian restaurant) and Leigh Hart's attempt to sound literary with writer Joe Bennett. Elsewhere Hart, Matai Johnson and a kayak cheat during the annual coast to coast race. They also join Jason Hoyte to demonstrate how not to treat a guest, when John Key is interviewed on Late Night Big Breakfast. The third clip features Leigh as an incompetent handyman who keeps driving into the cameraperson.

It has a relaxed feel and we even have our own coffee cups with the name of the show embossed on them, but we need to be wary of coffee spillage as the show is hosted from the Target Furniture Hypermart on Dominion Rd.
– Leigh Hart on filming the Late Night Big Breakfast section of Moon TV, The NZ Herald, 20 April 2008

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Moon Enterprises