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The Two of Us

Television (Full Length) – 1997

Twins are afflicted with a strange power: the power to make others stare. Presented by singer Jackie Clarke, herself a twin, this documentary grabs a fascinating topic with both hands. Among those interviewed are two sets of twins who are romantically involved, a family with twin sets of twins, and an uncanny pair of older women whose thoughts seem to run in tandem, every time they turn up on screen. There is talk of the close relationships twins have, identical medical misaventures, tricks paid on the unsuspecting, and how fathers are often less able to tell twins apart.

Every time we’ve had to cope with some new thing like a new school or getting our periods or something like that, it’s all happened at the same (time) … you don’t go through things on your own, and I think that makes a big difference.
– Presenter Jackie Clarke

Key Cast & Crew

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Jackie Clarke


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Katherine Downs


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Tessa Tylee


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Diana Byrami

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Hamish Hill


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Graeme Patrick

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