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The Water Cycle

Short Film (Full Length) – 1972

Made by Philip McDonald (Such a Stupid Way to Die) for the National Water and Soil Conservation Authority, this award-winning short explores the impact of people on New Zealand’s water cycle. Shots of irrigation, industrial waste and run-off from dairy farming show Godzone’s 1972 waterways to be far short of 100% pure — the closing national anthem played over polluted rivers underlines the point. A young Sam Neill (then working at the National Film Unit) cameos as an eau-so-suave drinker in a scene showing the disconnection between water use and where it comes from.

Nature gives us only so much water. There is no more.
– From the narration

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Sam Neill

Sam Neill

As: Hydro enthusiast

Profile image for Ron Bowie

Ron Bowie


Generic Profile image for Philip McDonald

Philip McDonald

Writer, Director, Editor

Profile image for Don Reynolds

Don Reynolds


Generic Profile image for Dale Pomeroy

Dale Pomeroy


Generic Profile image for Tony Baker

Tony Baker


See all 9 credits


Original music composed by Tony Baker

'God Defend New Zealand', featuring NZBC Symphony Orchestra and Orpheus Choir, arranged by John Hopkins and Ashley Heenan

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