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This Placement

Television (Full Length) – 2005

I'm not doing this independently. I believe your ancestors are a part of you, that you're not just detached, you're not just this individual walking through life.
– Simon Kaan on his whakapapa
As an artist sometimes you really doubt, 'why am I doing this? Who cares?' So people are coming in and going 'I care, I'm enjoying what you're doing'. I realise that there's a place here now for my work to sit.
– Simon Kaan on his show in Beijing
I have been here in Beijing now for about 10 weeks. It is a long period without surfing.
– Simon Kaan on living in China
About family and places ... about myself really.
– Simon Kaan on his art practice
There has probably only been, in the time that I've been working since I left art school, a handful of significant symbols that I have developed I suppose. And it doesn't happen everyday.
– Simon Kaan on symbolism in his art