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Tired from Sleeping The Checks, Music Video – 2008

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Director Sam Peacocke injected his love of motor racing into The Checks' first music video. Set in the 1960s, it contrasts a young Japanese driver heading out to the track with his girlfriend waiting forlornly at home. Tapping into his own racing experience, Peacocke (Manurewa) made the stylish, streamlined clip for  $30,000, filming at Hobsonville air base near Auckland. Peacocke chose two newbie actors, who "outshone all the people we auditioned from actors and model agencies". The meticulous attention to period detail includes authentic Lotus 18 1.5 litre Junior racing cars.

I raced go-karts and rallied for a few years and always the days of racing were tempered with thoughts of my love back at home and how I would rather be with her; safe and cool in the afternoon shade rather than out there being brutalized by the speed, expectation and fumes of motor racing. The video basically echoes my experiences during these times.
– Director Sam Peacocke on the inspiration for the video, Promonews website, 5 February 2008