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To Live in the City - 24 Years On

Television (Full Length) – 1991

Something of an antipodean Seven Up! (a series of life-chronicling British documentaries) this documentary picks up on the stories of four young Māori — now middle-aged — 24 years after they moved to the Wellington as part of a Māori Affairs Department redeployment program. It makes liberal use of the original film to contrast the cowshed to cubicle journeys; and revisits Ripeka (now in Hamilton), Moana (Guam via Japan), Grace (Wellington), and Phillip (Brisbane), who reflect on the paths their lives have followed, and on their Māori culture and where 'home' is.

Wherever they are now - Australia, Guam, New Zealand - there's one question that concerns all four: where do I belong?
– Narrator Ian Johnstone

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Made with funding from NZ On Air