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Tonight at Nine - Fred Dagg Skits

Television (Excerpts) – 1975 - 1976

John Clarke's iconic farmer Fred Dagg first appeared as comic relief in 1973, on current affairs programme Gallery. He took on a similar role on current affairs show Tonight at Nine, writing and performing short skits. In these 18 skits Dagg covers a wide range of subjects, including political and economic issues like superannuation and inflation, plus alcoholic sheep and promoting his Dagg Party manifesto. Clarke's love of sport and sports jargon shines through, as does his physical comedy skills as he tees up for a golf shot in a tree, and demonstrates how easy it is to install your own TV aerial. Read more about Fred Dagg's rise here.

Now you're gonna need an aerial, and it's not really very difficult to do— the stupidest person in the world could do it and I'll now attempt to prove that thesis...
– Fred Dagg demonstrates how to install a TV aerial to get the new second channel, in the fifth sketch

Key Cast & Crew

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Bill Earl


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John Clarke

Writer, As: Fred Dagg, All Black, Priest

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Peter Metcalf


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Gillian Woodward


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Terry Carter

Associate Producer

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Shaun Brown

Associate Producer

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