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Tracker Film (Trailer, Excerpts, and Extras) – 2010 Drama Adventure Māori


Film (Trailer, Excerpts, and Extras) – 2010 Drama Adventure Māori

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New Zealand, 1903. A veteran of the Boer War (Sexy Beast’s Ray Winstone) is hired to hunt a Māori seaman (Temuera Morrison), who has been framed for murder. So begins a cat and mouse chase where pole position keeps changing, and the South African is pressed to open up about his past. Directed by Brit Ian Sharp (Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War) and scripted by Dutch-born emigre Nicolas van Pallandt — who died before it got to the screen —Tracker was one of the last productions to win cash from the UK Film Council. The extras include interviews with both lead actors.

Key Cast & Crew

Bloody right I’m curious. I’m very curious to find out why you boys crossed two oceans, to help the British burn down my farm.
– Arjan van Diemen (Ray Winstone) to a Kiwi customs official (Greg Johnson)

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Available to buy and download from iTunes, DVD available to buy online and from retailers

World premiere on 12 September 2010, at the Toronto International Film Festival

Released in cinemas in the United Kingdom 29 April 2011, and in New Zealand on 5 May 2011



Made with the assistance of the UK Film Council, the NZ Film Commission and in association with NZ On Air