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Never Say Die Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 1988 Thriller Action Comedy

Never Say Die

Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 1988 Thriller Action Comedy

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After their house explodes and they bump into a gunman, journalist Alf (Temuera Morrision) and his American girlfriend (Beverly Hills Cop’s Lisa Eilbacher) head to the West Coast, on the run from the cops and mysterious forces. The conspiracy plot is mostly an excuse for chases, capers and crashes galore, all imbued with plenty of pell-mell shenanigans (this time heading north in a red Falcon) by Goodbye Pork Pie director Geoff Murphy. The movie marked Temuera Morrison's first big screen starring role. This excerpt sees John Clarke cameo as a used car salesman.

New Zealanders want to have a bit of a laugh and a bit of bloody excitement.
– Director Geoff Murphy in the press kit for the film

Produced by

Everard Films


Presented with thanks to the New Zealand Film Heritage Trust – Te Puna Ataata


Soundtrack composed by Sam Negril and Billy Kristian

Vocal effects by The Vocal Minority

Closing credits song 'Never Say Die' composed and performed by Billy Kristian, vocal by Bunny Walters

'Get Outta Here' composed by Billiy Kristian and Geoff Murphy, and performed by Susan Lynch and Jacqui Fitzgerald

'007 Down She Goes' written by Murray Grindlay, and performed by Nigel Lee