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Tragicomic - Series

Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2018

In the first episode of The Candles Wasters’ multimedia web series, Hannah Moore (Nova Moala-Knox) struggles to deal with the sudden departure of her dad, and her art teacher romancing her mum — who happens to be the school principal. It’s downhill from there. Helped by best friend Isla, Hannah finds solace in the comic book she is creating, which in real life can be read online at Radio New Zealand. The comic involves a brave knight who must overthrow a usurper, after the King vanishes. Featuring a dark sense of humour, the series deals with mental illness and loss.

Is it even legal for a principal to have sex with a teacher? Why does nobody else think this is weird?
– Hannah Moore (Nova Moala-Knox) on her mother's new relationship with her art teacher

Key Cast & Crew

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The Candle Wasters


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Sally Bollinger

Director, Story Supervisor, Cartoonist

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Elsie Bollinger

Director, Story Supervisor, Music Supervisor

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Thomas Coppell


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Minnie Grace

Writer, Producer

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Claris Jacobs

Writer, Production Designer, Costume Designer

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Produced by

Tomorrow, Rain Ltd


Tomorrow, Rain Ltd