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Tutus & Town Halls

Television (Full Length) – 2001

[The show] should be x-rated. The first [dance] was exuberant, the second exhilarating, and that last one was exhausting.
– A punter from Westport
People in the cities think it's a bit quaint, but the turnout in a place like Putaruru [is huge]. You know people wear suits and ties and it's a big thing, probably one of the largest social events on their calendar for the year. And they arrive with a great sense of expectation, and they want to be blown out of their seats, despite the fact that the stage is 8x6m and there's not enough power.
– The Royal New Zealand Ballet Company Manager Brendan Meek
I've got peculiar tastes for what people think a dancer is.
– Dancer and choreographer Shannon Dawson on his affection for rock band Head Like a Hole
I've never been to the ballet before so it might be a new experience ... I mean fancy waiting this long, 'til you get grey hair ... it's a bit silly really, isn't it?
– Punter Dot Bradley