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Typhon's People

Television (Full Length) – 1993

This 90-minute telemovie (there was also a longer miniseries) marked a rare time beloved author Margaret Mahy wrote for adults. After a controversial scientist is assassinated, various parties head south to his closely-guarded lab, where human experimentation is rumoured to be occuring. Among the arrivals are a charming Brit on the run (Greg Wise) and a European infiltrator (Michael Hurst). Aimed at a global audience, this sprawling thriller also features BAFTA nominee Alfred Molina (Frida), Australian Sophie Lee (The Castle) and (briefly) Lucy Lawless. It won awards for its design and sound design.

...who needs green pastures when you have all this lovely technology. Those units can be grown in batteries right next to our markets. No more expensive transportation costs. It's simple economics.
– Andreus Schiller (Alred Molina) starts cooking some meat from a laboratory

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