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Hero image for This is Not My Life - First Episode

This is Not My Life - First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2010

Set in an overly perfect future, This is Not My Life begins with a man waking up and not recognising his life. Alec (Charles Mesure, from Skin and Bone and Desperate Housewives) has a wife, two kids and a great job; only he can't remember any of it. His wife (Nothing Trivial's Tandi Wright) says he hit his head in an accident. But on visiting his doctor, Alec hears two alarming conversations (one of them while strapped to a stretcher), and plans his escape. Fuelled by a powerhouse writing team, This is Not My Life was nominated for seven NZ Film and TV Awards. It won three, including Best Drama and Production Design. 

So, this is my house — and you're my wife?
– Alec (Charles Mesure) to Callie (Tandi Wright)

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