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Hero image for Wahine Requiem

Wahine Requiem

Short Film (Full Length) – 2001

It wasn't too nice in the sea!
– The response from an elderly woman after a reporter asks her 'what it was like out there'
We wish to advise passengers that the vessel has drifted into the harbour itself. We are not out in the open sea. There is nothing to worry about at all times.
– The announcement made over the loud speakers on the Wahine to the passengers at 9:44am
Every time we rolled, from where I was standing, when the vessel rolled back again, I couldn’t see the horizon. So, we considered that we weren't out of the woods at all and that we would probably be in the water.
– A survivor of the Wahine Disaster describes the thinking of survivors
I said to a crew member, "What now?" and he said "You'll have to jump for it."
– A survivor of the Wahine Disaster remembers the clear instructions from the ship's crew
"We'll grab a kid each."
– Two survivors after the order to 'abandon ship'