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Hero image for Weekly Review No. 310 - Mail Run

Weekly Review No. 310 - Mail Run

Short Film (Full Length) – 1947

Rustling cattle is almost an accepted occupation thereabouts, no doubt these blokes have rustled a few in their time …
– The narrator, on locals in the Australian outback
In the field of air transport no record could be better.
– From the narration
I saw it as an opportunity to make some sharp observations and pungent comments about the state of the world. Anyway, I welcomed a change of pace from items about the celebration of building some hydro-electric power station.
– Cecil Holmes on Mail Run, in his 1986 book One Man's Way
No one works in the afternoon in Saigon, no one that is except for the native people who are unlucky enough to have been born here. For them there is no end to toil, to begging in the streets, to snatching at any piece of food found lying around in the marketplace. In French Indochina food is scarce, prices are high and there’s warfare in the countryside.
– Narrator Selwyn Toogood on wealth disparity in Saigon, French Indochina (now Vietnam)