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Weekly Review

The National Film Unit was set up in 1941 to publicise...



The Snow collection features titles about New Zealand's...

The Glacier Climbers

A journey across the Southern Alps ending at The Hermitage

Flare - A Ski Trip

Sam Neill-directed NFU doco on ‘ski ballet’ filmed in the...

Moa's Ark : Building the Ark

This episode of the David Bellamy-presented series looks...

Snows of Aorangi

This Brian Brake documentary was the first NZ film to be...

Wildlife of the Mountains

An early NFU doco on NZ’s unique mountain flora and fauna

Kaleidoscope - Attitudes Towards Landscape

A series on art and landscape in NZ

The Leading Edge

This 80s feature film features plenty of mountain sport...

No Mean Feat

Disabled climber attempts Mt Cook

Holiday for Susan

Another NFU film showing wintertime fun in the snow

United Travel Getaway - Clarke Gayford and Hayley Holt in Lake Wakitipu

Clarke Gayford goes snowboarding with Hayley Holt

Journey for Three

Another early NFU doco featuring Mt Cook

Off the Beaten Track

Features The Hermitage and skylarking in the snow

Off the Edge

More extreme Mt Cook sporting action

Mount Cook

Colour short on Mt Cook

Wildtrack - Mount Cook National Park

More jaunty Mount Cook action

Weekly Review No. 263 - Rugby in New Zealand

Another post-war Weekly Review

Pictorial Parade No. 77

Building the new Hermitage

Turn of the Century

History of skiing in New Zealand

Mount Cook - Footsteps to the Sky

Film commemorating 100 years since first ascent of Mt Cook

Gone Curling

A doco on curling

Wild September Snow

1969 kiwi skiing action