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Yellow is Forbidden Film (Trailer) – 2018 Documentary

Yellow is Forbidden

Film (Trailer) – 2018 Documentary

Start video player much as the climactic fashion show is a grandiloquent jaw-dropper (one dress is so heavy that the model wearing it seems to be taking each step in a tensed-up narcotic trance), it’s impressive how Brettkelly leaves you pondering some of the curious if not troubling things that lie beneath all the pomp and circumstance.
– Keith Uhlich, reviewing the film in The Hollywood Reporter, 23 April 2018
No matter how famous you are in China, in Paris you start from zero.
– Guo Pei
Guo Pei emerges as a wonderfully engaging anchor, one who faces prejudices on account of both her race and gender, but who has an unerring desire to not be taken for granted and to ultimately succeed ... [Director Pietra] Brettkelly follows the action breathlessly, but with a wonderful sense of narrative and style as Guo Pei and her team (headlined by her gloriously detached but dedicated husband) immerse themselves in the intoxicating world of French haute couture.
– Tom Augustine, in an NZ Herald review of Yellow is Forbidden, 19 July 2018