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This documentary tells the heart-wrenching story of Eve van Grafhorst, who contracted HIV from a blood transfusion after she was born three months premature. 1980s' attitudes to HIV saw Eve banned from her pre-school in Australia, leading her family to settle in NZ, where Eve became a high profile poster child for AIDS awareness. This award-winning film chronicles Eve’s medical struggles, her HIV AIDS awareness work, and her astonishing bravery in the face of illness and death. Eve died peacefully in her mother’s arms in 1993 at the age of 11.

Credits (4)

 Monique Oomen
 Vincent Burke
 Wayne Vinten

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I'm sorry Eve that you went through the shit Australia put you through. As a man living with HIV you are my hero.

 Brian Hill

Brian Hill

I recall the preschool banned Eve from attending because she was biting other kids. At that time effective treatment/management wasn't available and modes of transmission were not fully understood. The preschool acted in the only way they could with the information available to them and in the best interest of the other kids in the centre.

Kids bite and don't understand consequences but using the actions of the preschool to try and shame a whole country is ludicrous. The reactions from some of the community were horrible and those individuals certainly should apologise.

Here is a link to an article on the biting incident:



i have to say being pulled away from some where u love is just not right especialy when u get banned they should apollogise think about the kids im only ten and i get treated nicely and theres nothing rong whith me it doesnt matter if u are sick or not everyone should be treated the same



One day I hope Australia will apologise to Eve. Her treatment, as a little child, was the saddest thing, and I would like to think those people at that pre-school have lived with that guilt for a long time. They would not have liked their own child to be shunned like Eve was. COME ON AUSTRALIA, SAY SORRY TO EVE!!!!

 Sandy karasek

Sandy karasek

All these years later I still feel the sadness that eve had to endure because of bureaucrats with control but no heart. I often remember with sadness the way Australia handled this case. Reading in that's life magazine today issue 15 2013 about Deanne Beggs secret and how far this lady has come I sadly think back to eve the pure child. God bless to her loving family and I do hope you all found peace

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1994 US International Film & Television Awards, Illinois
Certificate Of Excellence

1994 Lifestyles Aids Media Awards
Certificate Of Excellence

Festivals include:
1995 Health And Medical Film Festival, Banff Television Festival