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This clip was directed by Tim Groenendaal for a project to mark the 20th anniversary of the sinking of the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior; it's an all star cover of ‘Anchor Me’ (written by Don McGlashan and recorded by his band The Mutton Birds in 1993). After Hinewehi Mohi’s haunting introduction, singers including Kirsten Morrell, Che Fu, Milan Borich (Pluto) and Anika Moa walk towards the camera across a washed out landscape interspersed with footage of nuclear blasts, pollution and Greenpeace vessels in action while doves pull rainbows across the screen.

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This song is the bom [[smileface]]



This is absolutely beautiful....tears are falling....Hurray for those taking a stand on the Noble Discoverer! One people, one earth, one chance!

 Doug Mason

Doug Mason

Still a a classic song


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 Tim Groenendaal

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