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After concocting all manner of outlandish images on 8mm film, Bad Taste was Peter Jackson’s breakthrough; the first feature to make it from his Pukerua Bay backyard to cinema screens, where it quickly began to rack up sales. An all-male cast of public service Alien Investigation and Detection Service operatives run amok with guns, food, vomit, rockets and misguided enthusiasm to rid the earth of alien Lord Crumb and his fast-food gang, who want to turn earthlings into hamburgers. Jackson takes two acting roles in this ‘splatstick’ masterpiece.


A perspective by Tony Hiles 19.09.2008

Bad Taste is Peter Jackson's first completed feature. Essentially splatter-comedy from beginning to end, the story revolves round the catching and dispatching of a band of Alien ...

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Credits (15)

 Peter Jackson
 Terry Potter
 Dean Lawrie

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 Hamish Towgood

Hamish Towgood

Of all the countries in the world this film has had a home video release of, New Zealand doesnt even have its own DVD of this brillant piece of cinema. There was the Australian Universal Studios release, but that was limited in New Zealand to select Video Ezy stores, and not available to purchase.

To see more behind the scenes photos check out my website; . as featured in 3 books and 2 dvd releases.

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 WingNut Films


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 The Peter Jackson Collection


I'm a Derek, and Derek's don't run. 
I think the gruel is ready! 
Where most New Zealand films are made by liberal, middle-class minds, and generally pay their respects to the values upheld by that group, Bad Taste operates entirely on enthusiasm unfettered by any sign of preachiness or moralising. 
...Bad Taste is some kind of triumph in its horror-comic verve, settling into the genre next to the excesses of Dawn of the Dead, Street Trash and The Evil Dead. 


1990 Fantasporto International Festival of Cinema (Portugal)
Nominated for Best International Fantasy Film

1989 Fantafestival - International Sci Fi and Fantasy Show
Audience Award for Favourite Film

1988 Paris Festival of Fantastic Films (France)
Prix de Gore