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Bad Taste Film (Trailer) – 1988 Sci-fi Action Horror Comedy

Bad Taste

Film (Trailer) – 1988 Sci-fi Action Horror Comedy

PG Parental Guidance
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After concocting all manner of outlandish images on 8mm film, Bad Taste was Peter Jackson’s breakthrough; the first feature to make it from his Pukerua Bay backyard to cinema screens, where it quickly began to rack up sales. An all-male cast of public service Alien Investigation and Detection Service operatives run amok with guns, food, vomit, rockets and misguided enthusiasm to rid the earth of alien Lord Crumb and his fast-food gang, who want to turn earthlings into hamburgers. Jackson takes two acting roles in this ‘splatstick’ masterpiece.

Key Cast & Crew

Profile.jpg.120x120 4559722d43a7e6983ef108e03151f845ffdb918cbbea3502d89caa3fdd29d89d

Ken Hammon

As: Various Aliens, Additional Script, Camera

Peter vere jones key profile.jpg.180x180

Peter Vere-Jones

As: Voice of Lord Crumb

Profile.jpg.120x120 4559722d43a7e6983ef108e03151f845ffdb918cbbea3502d89caa3fdd29d89d

Craig Smith

As: Giles, Camera

I'm a Derek, and Derek's don't run.
– Derek (Peter Jackson)

Produced by

Wingnut films

WingNut Films


Available on DVD from Aro Video.


The copyright for this title is held by WingNut Films.


Funded by WingNut Films and the New Zealand Film Commission.


Music composed and performed by Michelle Scullion.
Closing credits track 'Bad Taste' written by Mike Minnett and Dave Hamilton, performed by The Remnants. 'Rock Lies' composed and performed by Madlight.