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  1. The Clean


A Texan stops by "One Day At The Coffee Bar", and confronted by kaftan wearing, pot smoking beatniks, tries to enjoy a cuppa. Silly costuming, delightful comic timing and hammy performances afford this clip legendary status amongst NZ's finest.

More from director Simon Morris

It was a terribly enjoyable afternoon in a scungy coffee bar in Christchurch. We gathered all their mates - most of whom ended up in later Flying Nun bands. I remember Jay Clarkson, Paul Kean and David Telford (an actor always a stranger to underplaying! ... and it needed all the hamming it up he could give). One of my favourite shots was the alleged "poet" going "Ow! Ow!!" in the background. Very funny. Incidentally, virtually the same crew was involved in the rather different Victoria clip (for the Exponents track), which we shot a couple of weeks before.


Simon Morris to James Coleman, May 2009

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Someone doesn't fit in.



Does anyone know the lyrics? There are a couple of places where I get lost.



Paul Keane looks like Withnail! Awesome song.



Lots of fun, Very Kiwi velvet Underground sound



vintage clean once more brilliantly simple effective pop without overproduction some mates together to make the video, fun !


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 Simon Morris

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