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Nina has emigrated to New Zealand from wartime Croatia. When she falls in love with (and gets pregnant to) a Māori man, and marries a Chinese man for money, domineering Father Ivan is furious. Director Gregor Nicholas had attracted acclaim for his short film Avondale Dogs and Broken English was his anticipated second feature. It is notable for being one of the few films in which NZ's dominant Pākehā culture hardly features. Broken screened internationally, won prizes at festivals, and was one of the highest grossing NZ films of the 1990s.

Credits (18)

 Gregor Nicholas
 Robin Scholes
 Tim White

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Comments (8)

 Igor krojs

Igor krojs

Wher can I buy buy New Zealand movie broken English

 Denise Osby

Denise Osby

Why is it so impossible to find this movie?? I love it and want to share it with my friends.



hey mick i have a copy of this film, contact me on, and ill upload a link for ya to download

 Kim Baker

Kim Baker | website

Hi Mick, as far as we know it has not been re-released on DVD or VOD for sometime. Some of us have seen VHS copies around. Possibly best idea is a library or video rental copy. Also, you can go to the NZ Film Archive's Media Library and watch the film there.

It's one of my favourite NZ films - I'd buy it too!



Does anyone know where i can purchase or download this flick? it is a really good movie that i have not seen since it was released any help would be greatly appreciated.

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1996 TV Guide New Zealand Film and Television Awards
Best Supporting Actress: Madeline McNamara
Foreign Performer: Rade Serbedzija
Editing: David Coulson
Soundtrack: Don Paulin, Michael Hedges and Tony Johnson
Design: Mike Kane