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Tele-movie Clare is based on the autobiographical book Fate Cries Enough by Clare Matheson. It recreates the experiences of the author, who, for 15 years, was an unwitting part of a disastrous gynaecological study at Auckland's National Women's Hospital. The study would later become known as ‘The Unfortunate Experiment', after an article in Metro by Sandra Coney and Phillida Bunkle.

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How would I get a copy of this??

 Jan Turner

Jan Turner

This story is powerful and amazing and so well portrayed. Thank god for the courage of Clare and her supporters! RIP all the poor women who suffered because of this horrible NZ experiment :-(

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2002 TV Guide New Zealand Television Awards
Best Costume Design: Janet Dunn

Nominated for Best Drama Programme, Director - Drama, Actress (Robyn Malcolm), Editing (Paul Satorius) and Costume Design (Janet Dunn)