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Musician Petunia (Jennifer Ludlam) and daughters Polly and Patch are tiring of their lives as land yachting "gypsies of the motorway" in the first episode of this hyperactive children's fantasy drama written by Margaret Mahy. Their salvation could be a magic house owned by Crocodile Crosby — a used car dealer with ambitions to be a pirate — but a devious land agent (Michael Wilson) and a dastardly wealthy couple stand in the way. All powerful narrator Paul Holmes orchestrates the action which features extensive use of music and period video special effects.

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Wow! Wonderful throwback to one of the more surreal and off-the-wall TV shows I ever saw as a kid. Love it!

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I mustn’t be seen upside down. He’ll think I’m a man of doubtful standing. 
I said to Margaret Mahy — go for it, no bounds on your imagination. She’s a dangerous writer to say that to and she gave us a bit of fright.