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Hero image for Cuckoo Land - The Neighbour (Episode Two)

Cuckoo Land - The Neighbour (Episode Two)

Television (Full Length) – 1985

Petunia and her daughters Patch and Polly have moved into their decidedly unconventional dream house in the second episode of this surreal children's fantasy drama written by Margaret Mahy and directed by Yvonne McKay. Their idyllic new life of music making is soon shattered by their home handyman neighbour from hell Branchy (Grant Tilly). But he has problems of his own with the unwelcome arrival of his three long lost, grasping and perpetually hungry sons. Special guest Jon Gadsby contributes an energetic performance as pie magnate Chicken Licken.

This is a production with locked off frames [images where the camera doesn't move] — no little pans or tilts or crabs or tracks. It just drives Peter Read, the Director of Photography, totally bananas.
– Director Yvonne Mackay in magazine OnFilm, June 1985, page 31)

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