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This early TV3 reality TV doco — predating Survivor by three years — saw six Kiwi teenagers marooned for eight days on Rakitu Island to fend for themselves. The three girls and three boys facing the Lord of the Flies challenge included future National MP for Auckland Central, Nikki Kaye, who defies the producers’ pigeonhole as “the private school girl who couldn't survive without a hairdryer” by taking the leader’s role and clubbing an eel. The experience had an impact on Kaye; she later opposed her own party’s 2010 proposal to mine on nearby Great Barrier Island.

Credits (7)

 Nigel Carpenter
 Rachel Jean
 Owen Hughes

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The boy with the glasses will never live this down. What an absolute mess and brat!



What a septic and immature little boy.



What a horrible bully that boy was. I hope he's grown up a lot.

 Robyn Gallagher

Robyn Gallagher | website

I'm going to be really nerdy and say that while this programme predates the American version of Survivor (2000), the original Swedish version ("Expedition Robinson") premiered in 1997, and it was based on a format created in 1994.

Produced by

 Frame Up Films



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