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In 1983, after riots in Sri Lanka ushered in an extended civil war, the number of arrivals from Sri Lanka to New Zealand rose dramatically. This episode, one of the most moving in the Immigrant Nation series, profiles two Sri Lankan families down under - one from the island's Sinhalese majority, one from the minority Tamils. Both families left home out of fear for their children's future. Amidst the challenge of a new culture, there is celebration too: including double marriage ceremonies which require multiple outfits, when a Tamal Christian marries a Hindu.

Credits (10)

 Anna Cottrell
 Jennifer Bush-Daumec
 Jeremy Dempsey

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 Bernadin Kurera

Bernadin Kurera

It was from Tamil terrorists (LTTE) who were claiming the major part of Sri Lanka to themselves.



how can the sinhalese terrorists fear for their children's future?


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