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This documentary tells the stories of the New Zealand soldiers who were part of the identity-defining Gallipoli campaign in World War I. In the ill-fated mission to take a piece of Turkish coastline, 2721 New Zealanders died with 4752 wounded. As part of research, every one of the then-surviving Gallipoli veterans living in New Zealand was interviewed, with 26 finally filmed. Shot at a barren, rocky Gallipoli before the advent of Anzac Day tourism, this important record screened on Easter Sunday 1984, and won a Feltex Award for Best Documentary.


Military Advisor’s Perspective by Chris Pugsley 22.04.2009

I still pinch myself that I was involved in the TVNZ documentary Gallipoli: The New Zealand Story. A chance meeting with writer Maurice Shadbolt led to my becoming military adviser to the play Once on Chunuk Bair, which in turn ...

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Credits (13)

 D.O.C. Williams
 Allan Martin

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Comments (14)

 Tony Wall

Tony Wall

Just to say how much I appreciated and was saddened by this very informative documentary.

 Liz Conway

Liz Conway | website

@ Dr Allan Martin OBE - do you recall the name of the nurse you interviewed? She didn't feature in the final programme but I'm trying to identify her from the field tapes. She is referred to as Mrs Fabling, she met and treated a wounded Kiwi soldier at Walton Hospital in Britain and they married and returned to NZ. I'd like to record her maiden name and her husband's name for the Archive record.

 Glen Adams

Glen Adams

A timely reminder of the futility of war. The war to end all wars. Unfortunately not so.

  Dr Allan Martin OBE

Dr Allan Martin OBE

As Producer of this film I am glad to note it is still viewed and can still move people. It was a privilege to recruit Lt General Sir Leonard Thornton to tell the story.He was a natural for the screen.I am also pleased we were able to record many veterans of Anzac before they finally departed. The film gained me the last Feltex award but I acknowledge the contributions of those shown in the credits

 oktay üçüncü

oktay üçüncü

I was the person in charge as a Turkish military officer with that group in Gallipoli during filming of this documentary. I would like to remind to Chris that one day while we were around hills of Anafartalar an earthquake happened. Just before that lots of frogs begun to scream.

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