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  1. The Chills


This one is the big shiny internationally-produced Chills video, but it’s still in keeping with the band’s low-key indie style. In majestic cliff-top scenery (Ireland stands in for New Zealand) Martin Phillipps looks like he is at the top of the world, and large rocks bounce across the screen like karaoke cues; perfect imagery to match the soaring sound of this classic pop song. Apparently Phillipps was nearly swept away by a rogue wave whilst singing furiously along to a non-existent backing-tape. The rocks were made of polystyrene.

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got this tape on niue, one of my fave chills albums for ages in satelite town nz during yet anotha recess, spoke to me hard, looks decidedly kiwi/amatuer if ya ask me even though the proofs in the pudding, wat happened at that time? a tour de force, bands weirdness and people in the mainstream wanting the mainstream to change creating majic, bliss indeed



Oh cool! I was in Vancouver, going through one of my homesickness phases, and yay! I got the Chills tape "Submarine Bells" - I loved this song - so upbeat... and what a contrast! to the typical NZ sound...


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 Kevin Westerberg

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