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Leave All Fair Film – 1985 Drama Arts/Culture

Leave All Fair

Film – 1985 Drama Arts/Culture

PG Parental Guidance
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This feature film takes as its starting point writer Katherine Mansfield's posthumous instructions to her husband John Middleton Murry (Sir John Gielgud) regarding her work, and his subsequent handling of them. The story shifts between the publication of Mansfield's letters 33 years after her death and memories of Mansfield. Jane Birkin plays both Mansfield and a publisher's mistress who provokes revision of Middleton Murry's decisions. Filmed in France, the Pacific Films-produced, John Reid-directed film was praised by Variety as "an affecting experience."

Lushly photographed, the film is as gentle and nuanced as Mansfield’s own writings, and the scenes between Gielgud and Birkin play with subtlety and insight… This is a refreshing, intelligent film… It’s a class act all the way.
– Variety, 22 May 1985