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Hero image for One of Those People that Live in the World

One of Those People that Live in the World

Television (Full Length) – 1973

Writer/director Paul Maunder's second drama after his award-winning Going Up North for a While is a portrait of a woman's mental health crisis. In part one Julie (Denise Maunder) is haunted by her birth mother's breakdown. Her inner monologue narrates events; Julie hopes marriage and a job will "cure" her, and falls pregnant. After a traumatic delivery, she suffers an acute episode and is admitted into care. Part two takes place in a psychiatric hospital where drugs, electroconvulsive therapy and art therapy were standard treatments at the time. Maunder undertook research at Auckland's Kingseat psychiatric hospital.

Names aren't important, they're just nouns, "if's" the important word.
– Julie (Denise Maunder) fires back at Dorothy (Anne Batt) during group therapy, in part two