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This documentary follows three amateur historians into the heart of the Libyan Sahara as they track the path of Kiwis in ‘T Patrol’, a unit of World War II’s legendary Long Range Desert Group. The LRDG braved extreme heat and desert conditions to launch surprise raids — in converted Chevrolets — deep behind enemy lines. In this excerpt the history hunters make their way to Murzuk, the scene of a raid on an Italian air base. It contains the only extant footage of the desert group in action, and surviving members of the patrol recall events and the LRDG’s ethos.

Credits (11)

 Dan Henry
 Amanda Evans
 David Ironside

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The DvD is still available - please check out this website to obtain it:

Kind regards,




My Dad Edgar "Sandy" Sanders was a Gunner on this patrol. My family have some black and white photos of their journey. He was later the only New Zealander to join Popski's Private Army.

 Sherif Salem

Sherif Salem

One more time from where can i buy this DVD , excellent work really nice

Please update

 Phil Lanni

Phil Lanni

Hello Dan, Looks great and like to buy a DVD of this as a real fan of LRDG
stuff. Even building some 1/25 scale LRDG trucks. Please let me know how/where to get a copy. Keep up the good work! Phil USA

 Dan Henry

Dan Henry

Hi Mike. It is available on DVD.. we have auctions on TradeMe, but if it's quiet for a while, they tend to run out and not get replaced. If you provide an email address, I can get in touch and sort something out. Cheers, Dan.

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Bagnold came and talked to us and said to us we’re going to cross the sand sea. He just said we’re going to raid Murzuk and he thought we could do it without anyone knowing we’re there. Everything was a surprise. No-one expected to see us. 
I can see why they call Libya the most arid country in the world. I’ve never seen such expanses of wasteland ever, or even ever imagined. And God knows how our Kiwi blokes crossed these deserts in open trucks, exposed to the heat. 
Historical docos do not get much better than this, especially when they are telling a story every New Zealander would want to know. 


2009 Qantas Film and Television Awards
Best Original Music: David Ironside