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Hero image for Britten - Backyard Visionary

Britten - Backyard Visionary

Television (Full Length) – 1994


In the late 1980s, Kiwi John Britten developed and built a revolutionary racing motorcycle. He pursued his dream all the way to Daytona International Speedway in Florida. In 1991 the underdog inventor came second against the biggest and richest manufacturers in the world. Britten: Backyard Visionary documents the maverick motorcycle designer as he and his crew rush to create an even better bike for the next Daytona. After arriving in Florida, another all-nighter is required to fix an untested vehicle with many major innovations. Costa Botes writes about the documentary here.

...the project constantly rides the narrow line between the revolutionary and the disastrous.
– Narrator

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Allan Baddock

Allan Baddock

Co-Director, Writer

Profile image for Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor


Profile image for Harry Ruffell

Harry Ruffell

Camera, Producer, Co-Director

Profile image for Geoff Steven

Geoff Steven

Executive Producer

Generic Profile image for Ian Masterton

Ian Masterton

Sound Mix

Generic Profile image for Karen Elliot Best

Karen Elliot Best


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