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Māori Battalion - March To Victory tells the story of the New Zealand Army's (28th) Māori Battalion that fought in campaigns during World War ll. Produced, directed and written by Tainui Stephens, the documentary tells the stories of five men who served with the unit. Narration (by actor George Henare), remembrances, visits to historic sites, archival footage, and graphic stills create a respectful and stirring screen testament to the men who fought in the Battalion.


Director's reflections by Tainui Stephens 01.10.2008

The Māori Battalion presents us with one of the great stories of our country. The ranks of surviving veterans are thinning out quickly, and within all too few years, the last of them will have gone into that night.

When we made the ...

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A perspective by Mihi Murray 19.09.2008

Maori Battalion - March To Victory was produced in 1990 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Māori Battalion and it first screened during Anzac week of that year.

This feature documentary, directed and produced by ...

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Credits (14)

 Tainui Stephens
 Stephen Stehlin
 Whai Ngata

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Comments (16)

 Paul Ward

Paul Ward | website

Hi Brian - you can follow Michael O'Conner's career here:

 Brian Walden

Brian Walden

Where is the cameraman these days - this is an outstanding work, I am not aware of anything recent he had shot. Brian Sarge Walden

 Paul Evans

Paul Evans

Humphrey Dyer,who was an O/C of the Maori Battalion was one of my teachers at Whangarei. He wrote a book called 'Ma Te Reinga', and I wonder if anyone has a copy they could sell me. Also knew Charlie Bennet when he was Manager of UMM hostel. Both great men I was privillaged to know.

 Malcolm Akuhata-Brown

Malcolm Akuhata-Brown

tena koutou he rangatira ma tenei te mihi kia koutou ma (Ernie Stephen me Tainui) ka puta te wairua i runga e au i te matakitaki ana oku whanaunga hika ma ka puta te hupe me te roimata hoki ...tangi tangi tangi reira he toku papa ko Whare Puita Akuhata Brown me ona tuakana raua ko Wetini me Hauraki Akuhata ratou ma i whawhaitia i te pakanga tua rua i te roopu Nga Tama Toa O Tumatauenga Kapene C no reira tino whetai au mo o koutou taonga...

 Tehimana Ellis

Tehimana Ellis

A very moving and memorable experience. It pays homage to my mother's whanau and the three brothers lost during the defense of Crete and North Africa. Such brave young men.

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