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The Years Back - Making Do (Episode Eight) Television – 1973 Documentary War

The Years Back - Making Do (Episode Eight)

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This episode of archive-compiled The Years Back series sees presenter Bernard Kearns exploring how New Zealand coped on the home front as World War II expanded into South East Asia and the Pacific. Access to imports was hampered and rationing bit. Fuel and rubber shortages are overcome with novel approaches and farmland becomes the garden for our allies. The episode also examines how industry switched from civilian needs to making war materials. The Home Guard changes from a bit of a laugh to deadly seriousness as the threat grows of invasion by Japan.

The Japanese had been talking freely and their messages had been intercepted here and most of the people knew what they were talking about. They laughed at us and explained that New Zealand was lying open and ready to be taken when it suited them to take it.
– Robert Urquhart, Home Guard