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Hero image for The Years Back - 10, The Final Peace (Episode 10)

The Years Back - 10, The Final Peace (Episode 10)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1973

The end of World War II is in sight in the 10th episode of this series about 20th century history. But there's still fighting to be done by New Zealand troops and their allies, as they battle tenacious Japanese forces in the Pacific. Future Prime Minister Jack Marshall addresses his men in the jungle, and war correspondent Stan Wemyss recalls being under fire with Fijian troops in the jungles of Bougainville (while his footage of the event plays). When the war finally ends, Prime Minister Peter Fraser delivers his victory speech and there is dancing in the streets.

Fighting in the jungle is perhaps the most difficult and perhaps the most testing of any military operation. And it was a real test for the morale, for the nerve and for the discipline of the troops concerned. The isolation, boredom, rain and mud, mosquitoes all contributed to real hardship which the men endured with great fortitude.
– Jack Marshall, Company Commander