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A line-up of receptionists, trainee teachers, and models talk horse-riding and modesty, vying to win Miss New Zealand 1973. Miss Otago (Pam King) proves a popular winner — the show was filmed in Dunedin — and was later a semi-finalist at that year's Miss World contest. The compere provides innuendo-laced links, and introduces reigning Miss New Zealand (Kristine Allan), Miss World (Australia's Belinda Green), Canadian singer Gary Buck, and blind Māori crooner Eddie Low. Miss Horowhenua — a hairdresser — highlights 1973 style: wigs are out for women, but in for men.

Credits (8)

 Murray Hutchinson
 Stuart Duff
 Keith Tayles

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 Morrissey Breen

Morrissey Breen

Lots of toe-curlingly awkward moments from compere Colin Lehmann, but the most embarrassingly inept is saved for Miss Auckland: "Hmmmm... you're a very pretty casual girl, I think."

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 NZ Broadcasting Corporation


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I was pressurised into it... 
Carol you’ve got a delectable figure but it doesn’t quite tie in with your cooking? 
The people you meet mean the most to me [being Miss World] ... I’ve met royalty, I’ve met pop groups, I’ve met really down and out people, and very sick children ... and you think gosh I’m so lucky: I’ve got two legs and two arms ... and it’s fabulous. 
I like spooky books.